Anglican churches have existed for a long time in many parts of Germany. They comprise people of various nations, languages, and Christian traditions, and they offer worship and church life in the English language.

The Council of Anglican and Episcopal Churches in Germany (CAECG) is a joint working group between Anglican churches belonging to the Church of England (Diocese in Europe) and The Episcopal Church (Convocation) and a full member of the ACK Arbeitsgemeinschaft Christlicher Kirchen in Deutschland (German Council of Churches).

As a recognised charity (gemeinnütziger Verein) we welcome your tax-deductible donations to support our work and ministry in Germany: IBAN: DE31 5185 0079 0027 1017 98, BIC: HELADEF1FRI.

Some of the Anglican churches in Germany are part of the Diocese in Europe which belongs to the Church of England. Others belong to the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe. But all are part of the Anglican Communion and together form the Council of Anglican Episcopal Churches in Germany.

Anglicans enjoy a relationship of full communion with the Old Catholic Church. Since 1988 the Church of England and the Evangelical Churches in Germany (EKD) have been developing their ties on the basis of the Meissen Agreement which establishes a degree of communion between the Churches concerned, although it does not yet allow for a full interchange of ministries. On a worldwide level Anglicans are engaged in conversations with all major Christian denominations. Members of other Churches are welcome to receive Holy Communion and share fully in church life.

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Convenor of CAECG
Rev. Christopher Easthill
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